Filliing capsules using a funnel
  • Fast & accurate way to fill capsules without spillage.
  • Use Tamper for higher fill weights.
  • Stainless Steel (highly polished) for high GMP and easy cleanup.
  • Lightweight for use on analytical balances.
  • Available in Sizes 000-5 including el sizes; for rats 9, 9el; and for veterinary use 11 & 12/13.
ProFunnel Kit

One funnel of each size 000-5
    * Free Capsules offer for sizes 000-5
1. Separate a single capsule. Place the capsule body (longer, narrower part of the capsule) in the Holder. See note below 2. Place the Funnel over the capsule body in the Holder. 3. Dose a pre-measured amount of powder into the capsule through the Funnel, or put the assembly on a precision balance, tare it, and dose the powder into the capsule through the Funnel.
4. When the required quantity of powder has been put into the funnel, use the Tamper to compress filling material into capsule body. 5. Slowly remove the Funnel. 6. Place the capsule’s cap onto the body of the capsule, pressing firmly to lock. Remove the filled capsule from the Holder.
Note: For sizes 000-10, the Funnel will fit over the Holder. For sizes 11, 12, 13, the Funnel will not fit over the Holder. The capsule body must be inserted first to hold the Funnel in place.
Do you need to fill more then a few capsules
ProFiller 1100
ProFiller 3700

Hand-held filler up to 3200 capsules/hour. Sizes 000-5, 00el, 0el. For sizes AAA-D ask about ProFill OE
300-hole Bench-top filler 6000 - 9000 capsules/hour. Optional vibrator & European style Orienter.
Enteric / Film Coat Capsule & Caplets. Enteric coat for lower intestine drug release. Film coat for taste masking or appearance.
Powder Mixer/Blender for uniform powder mixtures. Choose from 6 different Inox (SS 316) shells for maximum flexibility.


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