Capsule Size Chart

Capsule fillers Fillers 000-5
including el and DBcaps© sizes
Powder Mixers Filling Funnels
Other Capsule Equipment Veterinary Capsule Fillers Precision Fillers
Capsule Fillers for Veterinary Capsules

Veterinary Fillers
Laboratory and production scale capsule fillers for capsule sizes 3ml and larger.
Capsule Fillers for Size 000-5, el & DB Caps

ProFiller 1100

100 hole hand-held system for all capsule sizes from 000-5 including el sizes. Up to 2,000 to 3,000 capsules/hr.

ProFill OE
100 hole hand-held system for DBcaps® Hand-held system for capsule sizes.  Includes full line of over-encapsulation accessories for tablets, capsules and caplets.

ProFiller 3600
300 hole hand-held system for capsule sizes 000-4 & all el sizes.
Up to 4500-6900 capsules per hour. Fits under powder hoods or in glove-box isolators. The only 300-hole hand-held system you can to a upgrade to a bench-top system.  

ProFiller 3700
300 hole bench-top system for capsule sizes 000-5, all el sizes & DBcaps®.
Up to 6000-9000 capsules per hour. Easiest bench-top system to set-up and use.  Options include Partial Batch Kit and Vibrator.

ProFiller 3800
300 hole bench-top system with a European style Orienter for capsule sizes 00-4. Up to 6000-9000 capsules per hour. Our bench-top system for those who prefer the traditional European style “semi-automatic” Orienter. Optional Vibrator. For sizes 000, 5, el sizes & DBcaps® a hand-held orienter is required.

100, 324
3006, 3007, 3008

The ProFill 100, 324, 3006, 3007 & 3008 have been replaced by the ProFiller 1100, 3600, 3700 & 3800. Click Here for support for ProFill 100 3006, 3007, 3008. Click Here for support for ProFill 324.

Funnel for filling individual capsules by hand or on an analytical balance.
Other Capsule Equipment

V-Mixer / V-Blender for mixing up to 0.4 L (0.8 US Pint) of powder.

Capsule Coater
ProCoater: For enteric or film coating capsules and caplets.

Tablet & Triturate Mold

Troche & Lozenge Mold

Tap DensityMeter

Precision Filler
High precision net weight filling system. Fills to an accuracy of 1 mg.
DBcaps® trademark used under license